Snowshoeing Tours in the Romanian Mountains-9 days

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Romania, a less known winter destination has a large array of mountain chains perfect for practicing snowshoeing.
We, MountainGuide-Sibiu suggest you some snowshoeing tours in the mountains that limit the southern part of Transylvania – “the land beyond the forests” – home of famous Dracula. We shall choose some tours in the Făgăraş Mountains – the highest in Romania, also known as the “Transylvanian Alps”, the Cindrel Mountains – truly breathtaking, the Bucegi Mountains, full of mysteries and history and we’ll end our tour at the bottom of the Piatra Craiului Mountains.

Tehnical details :
- Difficulty of the tour: Medium
- Duration: 8 nights / 9 days
- Suggested period: January-March
- Group: 4-12 pax

Day 1:  Welcome in Romania
Arrival on the International Airport in Sibiu
Transfer to Sibiu, European city, former Saxon fortress and European Capital of Culture in 2007. Transfer to the hotel; cultural guided tour in the historic area of the city.
We shall end the day with a delicious traditional dinner.

Day 2: First day in the Cindrel Mountains
Transfer to Răşinari village where we shall start the tour on the snowy paths of the Cindrel Mountains climbing through a pine forest till we reach the alpine plateau used during the summer by the shepherds and their flocks of sheep. On our way towards the Păltiniş mountain resort (1450m) – the highest ski resort in Romania – we shall cross some peaks of about 1200-1300m.
Dinner and accommodation in a 3* hotel in Păltiniş
Length: about 6 hours
Level difference: + 830 m.

Day 3: Towards the highest peaks in the Cindrel Mountains
Păltiniş ski resort - Găujoara Glade –Bătrâna Saddle – Rozdeşti Peak (1954m) – Cânaia refuge ( 1771 m )
Today we leave towards the highest part of these mountain chains through the Găujoara Glade, Bătrâna Saddle and then, stop for a short break at the bottom of the Rozdeşti Peak (1954 m). It’ll be a well-deserved break! We’ll continue our tour while admiring the snowy peaks: Şerbănei, Cânaia and Cindrel (2244 m), the latter being the highest and most impressive.
We’ll end our tour at the Cânaia refuge, our resting place for the following two nights.
Length: about 6 hours
Level difference: + 504 m / – 183 m

Day 4: Up on the Cindrel Peak
Cânaia Refuge – Cindrel Peak (2244 m) – Iezerul Mare Lake – Cânaia Saddle –Cânaia Refuge
From the refuge we’ll climb up on the Cânaia saddle. From here we’ll go west and climb the Cindrel Peak (2244 m), “the Roof” of these mountain chains. While coming back we’ll climb down close to the Iezerul Mare Lake, covered in snow and ice.
Length:  about 6 hours
Level difference: + 473 m / - 473 m

Day 5:  Back to Păltiniş
Cânaia Refuge – ŞerbăneiSaddle – Rozdeşti Peak – Bătrâna Saddle – Păltinis ski resort.
Today we’ll go back to Păltiniş, mainly on the same route but in front of the Rozdesti Peak, following then the route till Bătrâna Saddle, from where we’ll take the last climbing down before reaching Păltiniş
Length: about 6 hours
Level difference: + 183 / - 504 m
Transfer to the Bâlea Waterfall area, in the Făgăraş Mountains. Here, we’ll take the gondola to get to Bâlea Lake.
Dinner and accommodation at the Paltinu Chalet (former hunting cabin for the Communist leader, Nicolae Ceauşescu).

Day  6: Făgăraş, the Carpathian giant
Paltinu Cabin- Curmatura Balii Saddle ( 2250 m ) – Doamnei Valley
Waken up by the fresh mountain air we’ll have a short visit at the only ice-hotel in Eastern Europe and then start another tiring tour at about 2250 m in the Curmătura Bâlii, from where we’ll admire the Doamnei Valley, one of the “Pearls in Făgăraş”. Climbing down this valley is a real adventure in the snow. Arrived back at Bâlea we’ll make the transfer to the tourist area in Bran. 
Here, we’ll visit the castle of the famous Dracula, the “vampire” in the Carpathians and end the day with a traditional dinner.
Accommodation in a 3 or 4* guest-house.
Length: about 4 hours
Level difference: + 210 m / - 1015 m

Day 7: At the bottom of the Bucegi Mountains – the saint Mountains of our ancestors.
Today, we’ll leave on a tour on the paths of the Bucegi Mountains – the mountains of Zamolxis, the king of our Dacian ancestors. The route is: Şimon – Lom Plateau – Guţanu Glade. We’ll cross along some wonderful areas, an amazing landscape dominated by the peaks: Piatra Craiului, Leaota, Iezer-Păpuşa, a small part of Făgăraş and a beautiful hill area – Fundaţica. Once arrived in Guţanu Glade we can admire the astonishing Bucegi Mountains with the peaks Scara, Bătrâna, with the Gaura Valley or Strung Saddle. We’ll rest a bit here, at an old cabin and then continue our road back to Simon.
Length:  about 6 hours
Level difference: + 635 m / -635 m.
Day 8: Good-bye Carpathians!
Today we’ll have a tour on the paths that cross the picturesque villages at the bottom of the Piatra Craiului Mountains: Măgura. Peştera.
We’ll end the tour by walking in the ”Zărneşti Chasm”, a breathtaking area formed by some tall limestone quay walls…
Length:  about 5 hours
Level difference: + 460 m / - 460 m
Transfer to Braşov. Short cultural tour in the historic part of the city
Traditional dinner in a Romanian restaurant
Accommodation in a 3* hotel

Day 9: Good-bye Romania
Transfer to Sibiu; visit at the Open Air Museum
Transfer to the International Airport in Sibiu

For any further details about this tour, please don’t hesitate to contact us!     

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