Explore the Main Ridge of the Fagaras Mountains. Traverse from East to West - 8 Days Tour-MountainGuide-Sibiu

by Iulian
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One mountain! Climb it!
Any mountain lover wishes to discover every year a new mountain area in Europe, climb that peak and enjoy the beauty of the view.
For the summer of 2020 , MountainGuide-Sibiu suggested you an amazing hiking tour in the Fagaras Mountains, the highest part of the Romanian Carpathians, during which we shall explore a little part of the fascinating Carpathian Garden.
What do you say? The Romanian Carpathians can be a destination for this summer??. Discover the Transylvanian Alps – The Fagaras Mountains and choose this hiking tour towards the highest peaks: Moldoveanu - 2544 m, Negoiu Peak - 2535 m and Vistea Mare - 2527 m.

Technical details:
- Difficulty level: Active – the tour is generally dedicated to experienced tourists;
- Duration: 7 nights/ 8 days
- Routes difficulty: Medium-Hard
- Length of the tours: 3-11 hours/ day
- Best time: End of June-October

Day 1:  Welcome in Romania.
Arrival to the Sibiu International Airport.
Transfer to a pension or a hotel in Sibiu.. Cultural tour in the historical center of Sibiu.
Dinner in a Romanian traditional restaurant.

Day 2: Fagaras mountains, here we come!
Route: Sibiu – Brancoveanu Monastery – Sambata Valley – Sambata Cabin (1401 m).
Transfer from Sibiu to Brancoveanu Monastery. Visit the monastery and after we’ll ascending the Sambata valley, a very beautiful valley with waterfalls and sightseeing places.
Duration: around 2h 30 hours
Level difference: + 695 m.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: easy-medium.
Optional: another hiking tour for about 4 hours: Sambata Cabin - Dragusului Ridge – Caldarea Racorele Saddle – Sambata Cabin or a tour around the Sambata Valley…
Level difference: +/- 600 or  +/- 730 m…according to witch tour will do.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: medium.
Dinner and overnight at the Sambata cabin( 1401 m )

Day 3: Conquering the “Romania’s Roof”
Route:Sambata Cabin – Fereastra Mare a Sambetei Saddle (2188 m) – Galasescu Mare Peak (2467m) – Vistea Mare Peak ( 2527 m) - MOLDOVEANU Peak (2544m) – Podragu Cabin (2136m).
Finally the big day has come! Today we’ll step on the highest peak in the Romanian Carpathians – Moldoveanu Peak (2544m). Be ready for today! It’s going to be a tough route, the longest in crossing the main summit, an unforgettable route.
Length of the hiking tour: around 10 hours( Break included)
Level difference: + 1143 m / - 408 m.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: medium-hard.
Dinner and overnight at the Podragu cabin( 2136 m )

Day 4; In the heart of the Fagaras Mountains

Route: Podragu Cabin – Mircii Peak (2471m) – Nerlinger Monument - Fereastra  Zmeilor area- Capra Lake – Vanatarea lui Buteanu Peak (2507 m) – Vaiuga Valley -  Balea Lake (2030m)
A surprise welcomes us during the last part of the tour; the view of the incredible Balea Valley and the famous Transfagarasan road, one of the greatest roads in the world, as the famous “Top Gear” crew used to say 4 years ago in a documentary shot here.The road that touches the sky was built at the order of the former Communist Romanian President, Nicolae Ceauşescu, and it was considered a strategic linking road between Transylvania and South Romania – Wallachia.
Length of the hiking tour: around 6-7 hours
Level difference: + 335 m / - 441 m.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: medium.
Dinner and overnight at the Paltinu cabin( 2044 m )

Day 5: The Negoiu Peak (2535m) – the second highest peak in the Romanian Carpathians
Route: Balea Lake area (2030m) – Paltinu Peak – Laitel Peak (2390 m) – Caltun Lake - NEGOIU  Peak (2535 m) – Cleopatra Saddle - Negoiu Cabin (1546 m)
We dedicate this marvelous day to our hiking tour towards the famous  Negoiu Peak; the wonderful feeling when reaching such an altitude shall make us live the joy of “touching” the skies and being above the dark clouds.
Level  difference: + 505  / - 989 m.
Length of the hiking tour: about  8-8½  hours.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: medium-hard.
Dinner and overnight  at Negoiu cabin ( 1546 m ).

Day 6: In the west-sector of the Fagaras mountains
Route: Negoiu Cabin (1546 m) – Serbota Valley – Puha Saddle (2040 m) – Scara Peak (2306 m) – Scarisoara Ridge – Barcaciu Cabin (1550 m)
Level  difference: + 760  / - 756 m.
Duration: about  6½  hours.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: medium-hard.
Dinner and overnight  at Barcaciu cabin ( 1550 m ).

Day 7: Good bye Fagaras Mountains
Route: Barcaciu Cabin (1550 m)  –  Poiana Neamtului Area.
Level  difference: - 786 m.
Duration: about  2 ½  hours.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: medium.
After several days spent in the mountains it’s time for a relaxing day! We’ll descending at the bottom of the mountains. Afterwards, we’ll head up to Sibiu and we reach a pension or hotel..Free time..
Dinner to a traditional restaurant and accomodations in a pension or hotel in Sibiu.

Day 8: Good bye Transylvania-Good bye Romania!!!
Free time, Shopping ..
Transfer back to Sibiu and then  to the Sibiu International Airport.
End of the tour…Flight back home.

For any further details about this tour, please don’t hesitate to contact us!